ready to take your training to the next level?

We're ready to help you get there. Now is the time to set up your private audition to become a part of the UADC company!

Dancers may be selected for one of our award winning companies!

  • Underground Allegro Dance Company

    Pre-Professional level company with 5 competitions and 4-5 days of class/rehearsal per week.

    • Junior Ages 9-13

    • Teen Ages 12-15

    • Senior Ages 14-19

  • Petite Allegro Dance Company

    Company for ages 4+.

    • Mini Pink Ages 5-8

      • 4 competitions and 3 days of class/rehearsal per week.

    • Mini Gold Ages 4-8

      • 3 competitions and 2 days of class/rehearsal per week.

  • Allegro Artists Dance Company

    This company is for dancers who need a bridge from minis to juniors. Dancers participate in 3 competitions per season and dance 3-4 days/week.

    • Ages 9-13